Friday, March 10, 2006

La Dolce Vita

I don't even know where to begin, so I'll just say it like it is.
I'm working in the Raffles Hotel Pastry Kitchen!

For the longest time, I've been wanting to work in a pastry kitchen. I didn't even know who to approach, or even wonder, who'd be willing to take me in. I'm thinking :" Who'd want some guy who hasn't worked in a pastry kitchen before. I've only got an interest and do some baking at home. All I've got is experience in a hot kitchen (that is, hot food cooking)."

Well it turns out, Raffles Hotel Executive Pastry Chef Kevin Curry, was willing to take me in. I managed to talk to him at the Chocolate Indulgence Event, and he said he'll take a look at my CV, but he couldn't make any promises.

Well, I got a sms from him last saturday, and started wednesday.

It's such an amazing opportunity and I thank God for the doors opened.
It's only been two days, but I've seen and learnt so much already. My eyes have opened to the world of pastry productions.

I work 8 hours a day during the weekdays, but for today, I thought I'd stay on and learn more.
I was learning more about the production for the restaurants that I'm attached to, but Chef Kevin roped me in to help for some event in the evening.
I missed dinner, but in all the rush, being hungry wasn't even on my mind.
Here's some of the desserts that we brought up in trolleys to some store room, and started plating them. This one was plated for the organisers. Funny story, the organizers requested for a dessert platter, and the big acrylic trays were brought out. We laughed and breathed a sigh of relief when they said there was only two of them.

I worked a little over 12 hours today, and stood for 11 hours. I'm dog tired, but having the time of my life.

Here's to the sweet life.

Monday, March 06, 2006

Working out the costs

So Jeremy and I were having a conversation over MSN, and we were talking about how much it's gonna cost us for our education in the Culinary Institute of America.

Here's how one bit went...

Muzik. says: (22:51:05)
thats a rough 3.5k SGD a month
Does that shake come with fries? says: (22:51:10)
Does that shake come with fries? says: (22:51:18)
for school only?
Muzik. says: (22:51:36)
a month for 42mths
Does that shake come with fries? says: (22:53:32)
or is 3.5k a month with food and stuff?
Muzik. says: (22:54:25)
school, misc admin school stuff, materials.. lodging insurance, air fare and basic needs.....only
Sandwiches, they make good friends says: (22:54:48)
how do you define basic needs?
Muzik. says: (22:56:33)
nightlife, traveling the country, dining in places we've read and herad about, shopping and clothing, phone bills, extra income for rainy days, well basically having a life and not being total dweebs... well that'll have to be counted in another ball park
Sandwiches, they make good friends says: (22:56:50)
I love your definition of basic needs
Muzik. says: (22:56:57)
Sandwiches, they make good friends says: (22:57:01)

Jeremy makes me laugh.