Sunday, October 02, 2005

An evening with Jeremy

I've been wanting to go to Corduroy and Finch for some time now, and I finally made plans with Jeremy. It's a pretty nice place. The high ceiling gives it a bigger feel to the otherwise small place, and more tables on a loft adds more real estate.
I love how they've allowed their wares to be part of the decor. Copper pots and pans hang over head from a shelf, stand alone shelves sport various culinary wares. Bottles and cans of Gourmet food items line the shelves, and the one against the wall goes up to the ceiling. The deli takes center stage and is helmed by a deli guy and a cashier. "Corduroy and Finch" is spelt out proudly on the wall behind the cashier. Nice.

We were seated further in the cafe, where the "Food Aquarium" seperates the kitchen. It's actually a walk-in chiller, and on one occasion, a chef popped in to grab a lemon. I like how they offer the impression that they have nothing to hide. No System D's in progress (taking the easy way out in a situation. ie: Dropped a bread? No problems, brush it off and serve.), I'm sure, with their transparency. After all, German Chef Ralf Spika, with two michelin stars to his name, is the resident Chef.

Overall, it was a nice dining experience, with its dimmed lights in the evening. It was further enhanced, service wise, when our waiter turned out to be this guy we knew from secondary school.

Bavarian Pot

Tafel Spitz

German Potatoes with Chives

Creamed Truffle Spinach

We had the Bavarian Pot, consisting of a trio of German sausages, a thick slice of pork with a rind that melts in your mouth and accompanied with sauerkraut and mash potatoes, the Tafel Spitz (veal) with a mix of vegetables and mashed potatoes, German potatoes with chives, Creamed Truffle Spinach and an Onion bread served with home made whipped butter.

After all that, it boils down to this. That one last dish. The one that will leave you with a lasting impression. The one that I can't walk away from.

We shared a Chocolat Hazelnut Crunch and The Corduroy and Finch Trifle experience.

Chocolate Hazelnut Crunch
A Simple Chocolate Mousse with a hazlenut crunch bottom. Simplicity at it's best.

The Corduroy and Finch Trifle Experience.
Hmmm. Yum.

Warm and sour mixed berry jam, cold and creamy vanilla ice cream, toasted hazel nuts, garnished with a pistachio tuile, strawberries, a gooseberry and a sprig of mint.

We ended the evening at Park View Square.
It's a neat place to be in at night.
We talked for a bit, contemplating the future.
The plan: To study in The Culinary Institute of America in New York, Hyde Park. Work a year after our studies. Live the life, travel and experience. And eventually, hopefully, open a restaurant. And if God willing, we can start some sort of ministry in the restaurant, breaking the stereotype, that the kitchen is a cesspit, full of foul mouthed, alcoholic drug users.
Cheers to that.

Water Fall at Park View Square

Contemplating the future
Corduroy and Finch
779 Bukit Timah road, 5¾ miles
Singapore 269758
Tel: 64638038
Corduroy and Finch


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Excellent! You succeeded in making me very hungry.

Nice blog!

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Hello! I'm glad you've enjoyed it, and thanks for visiting! yea?

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Great stuff bro.. keep blogging.. and i'll keep reading...

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