Thursday, January 05, 2006

Melbourne, Australia, part iii of n parts

This café latte was too pretty, and I couldn't pass up taking a shot of it. My dad ordered it off some coffee joint at Crown Casino. I can't remember exactly what the place is called, but it sure wasn't some fancy schmancy coffee place that's called Coffee Connoisseurs.
While I'm no authority on pouring the perfect cup of coffee, it can't seriously be all that hard to pour a pretty one, once you've learned it.
Coffee here don't really impress me. Most of them are Foamy and bubbly. Eugh.
I'd rather go for kopitiam coffee. Thick, aromatic and absolutely divine to have.
It wouldn't hurt to treat someone to a stunning presentation before having that caffine fix.

Kids dodging the water fountain outside the Crown Casino.

Prahran Market Courtyard

Prahran Market is Australia's oldest continually running market. It's been around since 1864!

The Meat section of the market.

While most people head to Chapel St for some shopping at fashionable outlets, I'm here for a different reason.

The Essential Ingredient

I chanced upon this culinary wonderland on my last trip, and I came back looking to get a grater and tart pan.
It's a pretty pricey place, but if you want to shop at a place with a wide range, or immerse yourself in all things culinary, then this is the place to go.
Overall, very pretty to look at, but expensive to shop at. Especially when you can get some of the stuff at other places.
I got a cusipro grater, here, but there were some cheaper at the South Melbourne Market. A whole two Australian dollar. Yea, I'm cheap.
Anyway, I got a rectangular tart pan that was made in France, something that I was looking for, but I had it returned the next day because I found another similar one, in the city, except that it was made in China.
Yea, I'd travel all the way back to exchange it, because I am that cheap. On the upside, I got the Dessert and Wine book by Lenôtre & Olivier Poussier. Something that I've been wanting to learn more about. Dessert Wines, mmm.

Here's a look at The Essential Ingredient
The manager on duty was kind enough to let me take pictures.

The Cashier
Bottled Gourmet Items
Cutleries, Plates, Bakeware
Chocolates, Graters, Pots and Pans
Bake Ware
Culinary Books!
Knives, Copper ware and more books

The Essential Ingredient
Prahran Market
Elizabeth Street
South Yarra VIC 3141
Telephone : (03) 9827 9047
Facsimile: (03) 95203297

The after browsing treat: A Flourless Chocolate Cake

Cake Deco
This is where I found the cheap tart pan. It's a cramped little store that sells all things pertaining to Cake Decorating. Books, candles, plastic decorations, moulds, pans, cardboard rounds and squares, ribbons, food dye, etc etc. I got Edible Gold Flakes here too!

Shop 7, Port Phillip Arcade
232 Flinders Street, Melbourne
Telephone : (03) 9654 5335
Facsimile : (03) 9654 5818
Website :

Well, that's it for now, I have two cakes, pizza dough and the mise en place for the pizza to prepare.



J said...

great post.isn't essential ingredient just divine? i can spend all day there...

Nicholas said...

Yes! Yes it is! It's maarh-ve-lous!
I love the Essential Ingredient for it's extensive range.
But it's pretty pricey hey?
The Chef's Hat at South Melbourne is pretty good too. It's more like Sia Huat though, they don't carry any food items. I'd reckon it's about 4-5 times bigger than Sia Huat.

I'd wish Singapore had a place that carries a variety and range of utensils and gourmet items... Oh well.

Speaking of which, have you heard of Hediard ?
Lovely place, coupled with friendly service.

J said...

i haunt the aisles of sia huat ;) re: hediard - their teas and jams are lovely (i treat myself when i'm feeling rich!)