Saturday, May 20, 2006

FHA 2006

I finally got down to uploading them pictures. I've been so tired to even upload pictures. Anyway here we go. The highlight for me I guess was to witness the Asian Pastry Cup 2006.
This is the Asian Pastry Cup 2006 Award giving ceremony.
Sugar art!More Sugar art. I wonder if the cakes compliment the sugar work or is it the other way round?
Team Singapore's sugar art!

Singapore's very own culinary team. That's Executive Pastry chef Pang Kok Keong of Canele, Les Amis Group. They were setting up their mis en plas and planning I suppose, their plan of action for the next day.
I didn't make it to watch them in action. I wish I did, but oh well.

It's pretty awesome to just even watch them. It's pretty serious stuff. From something that many of us thought was just a domestic chore, has become an olympic event!
Yes! Cooking has become an olympic event in it's own right.

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