Friday, April 28, 2006

If you can stand the heat, stay in the kitchen.

I had a nice tuesday off again, and it was all about me. I spent a evening at the Cellar Door again, reading "The making of a Pastry Chef" while enjoying a vanilla milkshake. It is, by far the best one I've ever had. There's only one reason. It's made with Vanilla bean ice cream, meaning to say that there were tiny specks of vanilla seed in the milkshake. Hmmm, just simply wonderful.
It's proving to be an interesting read because I'm just taking in quotes, insights, and wisdom from pastry chefs all around America. Stories of how they've started off, and memories of their first sweets is something that I identify with. It's inspiring. It's weird thinking about it, but what I'm doing now, is my beginning. It's where I'm starting off, beginning on my own journey to becoming something that I look forward to be. When people ask me what I do for a living next time, I want to be able to say :" I'm a pastry chef". I think chefs aren't getting enough recognition that being one is a decent and noble thing to do. It's hard honest work. Sure, there are opportunities to be famous and make a name for yourself, but ultimately, it's just hard work.
I went back to work on wednesday, and it turns out that the two new casual labourers couldn't take the heat (although it is generally cold in there and there are only 4 burners in a corner), and left after a day's work. Oh well.

Anyway, it was just about dinner, and I figured I'd try their minted lamb burger. Not too bad, but not the best burger. Then again, it isn't a beef burger. I'm still on my quest of searching for that perfect burger. So far, the burgers at The Eagle's Nest at the American Club ranks first on my list. I've yet to try the new gourmet burger joint, Über Burger. We'll see who takes first place.

Oh! It's Food and Hotel Asia 2006 week! I went today with Jeremy, and it was awesome. I felt so small. Sure the Singapore Expo is a pretty large place, but we felt small in a sense that our plans and ambitions is only a drop in the ocean, compared to the companies and people that were there.
There was so much to see and it was overwhelming. We both can't wait to get in on the action, of furnishing our own place, buying equipments and stuff.
A friend of ours too part in the Individual Culinary Challenge too, so that was pretty exciting.
I'll post pictures of FHA 2006 after when I take more tomorrow.
I have to go make two cakes now, but I'm just waiting for Jeremy to come with the eggs that he's gonna buy from some coffee shop in the wee hours of this morning.
I can't believe I didn't buy any eggs. Tsk.

On another note, I just came from a funeral and I have to say this. Life is short. Go for things that you wanna go for. Make memories that you want to enjoy in the later part of your life. Do not live with a life of regret. If you have to say something to people, say it. If you have or want to do something. Do it. Live a vivid and rich life. Share your life with people and enjoy other people. Touch others with your life. Bless others in your work, and enjoy the things and people around you that God has blessed you with, whether if you believe it or not.
Picture this: Life as you know it, is like the length of your keyboard. Eternity, is like the letter "O". It is a small circle, that has no end to it. Eternal life is forever and has no end to it.
You do not exists just because. You exists because God loves you. You are an expression of His love for you.
Think about it.


Anita said...

I'm jealous you get to go to FHA - I came to Singapore at the wrong time! I have met so many Singaporeans and seen webpages by Singaporeans and you guys are a very impressive bunch of foodies!

Hope to see pics soon!

Nicholas said...

hey Anita,

yea thanks. i think it's great there's a growing community of food bloggers here. it's good fun.