Sunday, April 16, 2006

A Languid French Affair

There's two thing I like about lazy afternoons.
One, they don't come very often, and is best savoured with good company.
Two, you don't need to worry about anything, and all you need is to enjoy the moment.

All you really need is some of the food you enjoy and just chill out and relax.
I've been wanting to just have bread, butter, cheese, and cheap white wine for the longest time, and go to the beach and enjoy it with someone. But I'm not really fond of the beaches here in Singapore. Anyway, it was just as well that CarreFour was having some "French Affair" thing going on, and I picked up said items, and headed to Jeremy's.
I'm tired of having to figure out what to do on weekends in town, and there isn't a better way to spend an afternoon with great company and simple pleasures.

I expected the usual exchange of dreams and aspirations and raves and rants with Jeremy, but he totally passed out on me.
I don't blame him though. The rhythmic pitter patter of the rain really sets the mood for sleep.

I figured I'll start without him and just enjoy the sounds of the rain. I totally would have made banana pancakes, if there were bananas that is. But bread and butter is just as good.

It was nice having dinner with his family, and it's awesome that everyone sits down at the table, say grace together and eat. It's a dying trend and I blame T.V box dinners and fast food. It's so much easier to buy take out food, and eat wherever. But seriously, imagine the fun you can have together as a family, cooking, eating, talking about the day and doing the dishes together. Or something like that. You know what I mean. Call me old fashioned, but I think it's so important for families to be really close like that.
And it's what the Church of God should be. Fellowship, and communion. A functional covenant community, where everybody loves one another and cares for one another.
I'm tired of reading in the news about broken families. Sons sueing fathers, Mothers dumping their own child in rubbish bins. It's sad, really.
Meh. The world is dying. Enjoy it while it lasts. Eat a cow while you're at it. They're delicious.
Jeremy's mom is awesome. She just brought up a tray of earl grey tea, rum & raisin chocolate, kit kat bars, dragon fruit and mangoes for us. I'm just gonna enjoy that alone for now. Jeremy passed out on me again.


Teri said...

Oh reminds me of Valentine's day dinner haha.. we should sit in the kitchen and eat together again with jeremy this time.. or like supper the other time.. steak and eggs yum yum... or some beef portobello cheese egg burger.. woo.. anddd.. beer.. and DESSERT of course.. i'm drooling here!!!.. have fun making new creations in the kitchen.. be sure to let me try them when i get back.. i miss jer's mash potatoes hahah...
ciao bro... Au revior.. A plus tard..

Nicholas said...

hey Teri! Yea, that night was awesome. The after dinner supper on Christmas day and the Valentine's day dinner were good times. We still haven't had our burger grill yet, and it dosen't look like it's gonna happen anytime soon. Oh well.
Hopefully we'll see you in june yea?