Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Life, in general.

So I've been working alot lately, and it occured to me that I am out of school, and working now. It also occured to me that I am also working in the Pastry Kitchen of Raffles Hotel. It has been very exciting, but I have to admit, the daily grind has set in. I could go on and complain about doing the same dessert items again and again and be unsatisfied, but I decided it's better to be thankful for even getting a part time job in a pastry kitchen. I figured I could work on my time keeping skills, lowering the bar each time I churn out approximately 404 round scones for Hi-Tea. Freshly baked scones are, by the way, absolutely delicious with butter, and jam. It's better to eat them the day they're baked, but it is divine, to eat them hot from the oven. It's one of the pleasures I appreciate and enjoy very much.

I finished work at 11pm sunday night, had supper with two of my colleagues and got home only at 12:30am. I had only 6 hours of sleep before going to work again at 7am yesterday morning, and I was facing a 12 hour shift. I really needed a break, and I got one. Turns out that my name was cancelled and I'm not working the whole week. I was abit mad that no one had the courtesy to inform me. I have no idea who did it and it's weird cause I was specifically asked to do two 12-hour shifts this week because Executive Pastry Chef Kevin Curry is leaving his post at Raffles Hotel, moving on to China to work with Eric Perez and the Assistant Pastry Chef Anthony Poh, is taking part in the Asia Pastry Cup 2006. I guess they needed man power, and boy do we need more staff. It's always a mad rush everyday, thus the daily grind. Anyhow, no one has contacted me and I guess I'm having a much needed break. There are two new casual labourers anyway, and I'm not to worried about the production team (which is where I'm in) being overwhelmed.

More on life in general, I've been feeling very meh, or in-between times. I still don't know when I'm entering National Service, and there's so much wants that I want, and stuff that I want to accomplish before going in. I'm not even sure what I want anymore right now.

I don't know if a holiday would do me any good. Either way, I'd want to go somewhere before I'm grounded for two years in National Service. I could save enough money, and go away to the maldives, or some place like that alone, but I figured it'd be so much better to go anywhere with someone and enjoy the ride together. I guess that's what I really want right now. To build on memories, with people that I care dearly about and enjoy them.

The 12 Apostles and 4 Guys, Victoria,Australia
L to R: Jeremy, Julian, Me and Chris
I can't imagine going through life without a clue on what I did in my earlier days. I guess that explains why I chose to do what I really want, that is to study culinary, and not work in some 9-5 job with an attractive pay, that is still mine for the taking. I'm only working on a part time basis now, 8 hours a day, and I'm thinking, boy am I tired. Am I gonna jump into that? Most likely working more than 12 hours a day? And if Jeremy and I do open our own joint, we'll probably be clocking in more than 16 hours of a 24 hour day. I can't help but think, will I be tired for the rest of my life? Maybe, I guess. But I'm sure gonna have the time of my life, cause I will have remembered the first time Jeremy and I cooked together, the first time I baked my first batch of brownies and the first time I made a birthday cake for someone.
I thrive on memories of old, and I look forward anxiously to new ones.
It's gonna be awesome.


Teri said...

this is not actually a comment.. but anyway.. there's this new cake delivery service.. heard the cakes are pretty good... www.tiramisutra.com go check it out yeah..


Nicholas said...

hey Teri.
Erm, it's not really new. I think it's been around for 2-3 years? But anyways, yes, they have had great raves and reviews. Can't say I've tried it myself though.