Monday, February 20, 2006

A castle in the air, or maybe not?

I'm bored in class, waiting for the lecturer to figure out how to get the online quiz started, and I'm in that dreamy state once again. Yea, I'm talking about dreaming of your perfect home, travel plans, etc etc.
But right now in particular, I'm dreaming of the perfect kitchen.

I'd be crazy to have a walk in chiller installed at home. So here's what I think, is the next best thing.

Meet the Sub-Zero Pro 48.

I'd really love to install a Wolf Range too.


meg said...

oooh i love dreaming about my dream home too.

Nicholas said...

You should get started on drawing kitchens. Enough bedrooms and living rooms already!

Anonymous said...

Hey man, Thanks for your comment on my blog I must say my culinary skills are far behind that of yours, Keep up the dream and see you on cheftalk ;)

Nicholas said...

Oh hey Andrew!
Naw man, we all gotta start somewhere eh?
And you hang on to that dream to hey?
Maybe I'll look you up sometime in Canada, when you've opened up a place of your own. ;)
See you around at cheftalk.