Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Deep Fried Mars Bar

This is one snack that no doctor would approve.
Work was really slow today, and the greatest ever idea, for the day that is, hit me.
Buy mars bars, and deep fry them.
I remember a episode of a Cook's Tour, where this scottish lad shows Anthony Bourdain a chip shop that has those cholesterol laden gems.

The origin of the Deep Fried Mars Bar is shrouded in mystery, but it is believed to have first surfaced in Scotland's northeast, around Stonehaven.

Deep dried mars bars is no stranger in this land. There's a shop at Far East that has them, but I haven't tried theirs yet.

I made a simple batter consisting of hot milk, raw sugar, cinnamon, baking soda and flour.
Then I chilled the sliced mars bars for a while, dipped them in the batter and deep fried them.

When I offered the waitstaff / kitchen staff the deep fried mars bar, the reactions were mixed.
"What's that?"
"This is SO good."
"Huh!? I'm on a diet!"
"No thanks."
*smiles* after putting one in their mouth, without saying a word.

Deep Fried Mars Bars

All I can say is that don't knock it before you try it.
Give it a go, and decide for yourself.


RaGinG_PrUne said...

Hello there. I happened to stumble upon your blog by chance.

What is the name of the shop that sells Deep Fried Mars Bar?

I am on a diet but I just have to try this! ;p

Nicholas said...

Hello! Thanks for coming eh!

The place is called Chippy's British Take Away.

Cheryl of she bakes and she cooks has a write up on the little fry shop at Far East Plaza.

You'd definitely want to give this one a go.

Teri said...

Dude.. when do i get some.. looks nasty.. but the more nasty the more tasty.. haha.. could u deep fry ice cream too haha..

Nicholas said...

We could call'em tasty nasties. Or something like that.
We actually tried deep frying ice cream too, but the batter didn't adhere to the ice cream and eveything just melted away into the hot oil.
I'm suppose to find out how to do deep fried ice cream, and we're gonna try that again.

Haalo said...

Hi Nicholas
Problem with deep fried ice cream is that you have to make them the day before you want to eat them - bit too organised for me.
I know down here some places have Deep Fried Snickers bars and even Nigella Lawson offered a version of deep fried bounty bars.
I'm enjoying the insights of kitchen life and your views of melbourne.


Nicholas said...

Hey hey Haalo,
alot of recipes suggest coating with cornflakes, then freezing it till harden. We were gonna go with flour, but I think that crushed cornflakes sounds better eh?

Ahh, Nigella Lawson, she's a wonderful women who isn't afraid of her food intake. Bless that women.

Argh! The melbourne post! I'm not done with it... procrastination is a disease.
Well my sister is studying there right now, and I've been there a couple of times. It's a great city, and there's so much I've yet to seen and eat.

Glad you're enjoying all of this, cheers!

lynn said...

i have tried them in edinburgh, rather interesting texture. Maybe as suggested above, freeze the mars bar. with the batter u can vary it with beer. Gives a very nice distinct crunch, light and airy followed by the oozey bits from the mars bar...yummmm..

kristine said...

hi my name is kristine, from liverpool! stumbled accros your blog. deep fried ice cream reqires a certain teqnique and speed while depp frying. think of it like a warped baked alaska. they have various amout of deep fried confectonary in scotland which i am yet to try including a deep fried cream egg. my friend felt really sick after one of those. however the most unhealthy thing they have is called a stoner. its a sausage wraped in doner meat and then deep fried. www.ramblingsfromthemind.blogspot.com