Sunday, February 19, 2006

Everybody loves a good sandwich

It's versatile. Take two slices of bread, any kind, and raid the fridge.
Here's what I found yesterday morning, and had for brunch.
Grilled Salmon with Alfalfa and Cherry Tomatos topped with Cream Cheese
Grilled Shabu Shabu Beef marinated in Chilli Oil and Alfalfa
The shabu shabu beef went sizzle sizzle, instead of swish swish, as its name means.

The alfalfa and cherry tomatos were leftovers from the tuesday night dinner and, get this, the salmon and shabu shabu beef were leftovers from the chinese new year steamboat dinner. A whole month ago. But hey, that's what you're suppose to do with leftovers right? Shove them in the fridge, and eat them another day.
As most of us would say: "Caaaannoooot waste! Keep! Keep! Next day still can eat!"

Sandwiches, are the perfect quickie meals.

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