Monday, February 06, 2006

Melborune Australia, part v

So it 's night time in Melbourne. Armed with a camera and permission to have the car, I went gallivanting around Melbourne. I had planned to drive to Williams Town, a nice little community further west of St Kilda, and take photos there.
I reached a dead end in Port Melbourne 20 minutes into my drive, and there wasn't anything there. I did enjoy the night breeze there when I walked around for abit.
I figured I should look at the street directory and I realized that to get to Williams Town, I'd have to take the Highway there. Now, with less than 20 hours of driving experience (ever since I got my license), the dark Australian night, and the lack of local road knowledge, I decided on going ahead. I reached another dead end, in some secluded warehouse area. This is where I decided I want to test my sister's Mazda 6. It was a dark and wide empty street. The moon was shining brightly, and the streets dimly lit. I pushed down on the accelerator and went roaring down the street. What a rush. Reckless, yes, but fun.

It was already 10pm and I figured it was too late to go to Williams Town. I settled for some night photography in the city.
Stars in Federation Square
A tall and pretty Christmas Tree!
Flinders Train Station

It's 30 minutes before midnight now, and I was in need for a snack. I headed to Acland Street in St Kilda and looked around.
Here's of the few cake shops that Acland Street is known for. This one was still opened at 11:30pm.
Cakes and Pastries line the glass shelves.
Inside the shop
Chocoalte truffles! Candies! Sweets!
One last look
I've had burgers at this place before. Pretty decent burgers. Well at least better than any fast food joints
The Midnight Snack.
A Grilled burger with blue cheese.

An interesting thing happened while I was walking back to the car after getting my burger. A couple was arguing loudly, and the guy was verbally abusing her.
I stopped to wait and see if she'd need help. Call it the "kay poh" (busy body) in me, or whatever, but the guy had her up against the wall, and you just can't walk away from that. What if she needed help eh? Anyways, by now, a thai family that was closing for the night stopped to watch too. It was a really heated arguement, and this cyclist got off his bike and steps in.

Cyclist: "Hey buddy, you're not gonna hurt her are you? If you are, I can't allow you to do that"
Angry Man: " Mind your own business man!"
Cyclist:" Look, I'm not going away, unless you tell me you're not gonna hurt her."

The cyclist eventually stepped back, and watched from a distance. The man yelled at the girl somemore and finally left.

People like the cyclist, warms me. It warms my heart, to know that some people do care. It's so basic, to just be human, and help one another.

These past few months, I've been helping random strangers on the street, and it's a wonderful thing. A lady was helping a man get out of the taxi and onto this wheelchair, and a slight incline posed a challenged for her. No one, close to her offered to help. I just grabbed the handles and pushed the man up into the level pavement. The lady was pleasantly surprised.

It was night time and Jeremy and I were at the bus stop near CarreFour at Suntec. A Indian man was studying the bus guide. He seriously look puzzled, and so I just asked him where he was going. Despite the heavy Indian accent, I understood where he wanted to go, and advised him on which bus to take. The bus came, and he stood at the edge of the bus stop, and the bus whizzed past him. Confused, he asked the man behind him why didn't the bus stop. The man told him in a loud voice and in a condescending manner, that he needed to flag down the bus with his hands.
Wow. My faith in mankind died then. We started talking to him about life in Singapore versus life in India and exchanged contacts. He's going back to India soon and we're suppose to meet up with him yesterday, but he hasn't called me back. Oh well.

And just last saturday, Jeremy and I were at suntec, and when we walked past this shop near an entrance selling knick knacks and stuff, a gust of wind blew down a whole stand of ear rings. The lady was dealing with a customer, and yea, we figured she'd need help with the mess.

Now, I don't mean to put myself up on a pedestal, or suggest that I am better than anyone in terms of morals or whatever. It's just that maybe if we all smiled a little more at strangers, help one another out, without expecting any returns, and give more of ourselves a little more, the world will be a better place.


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