Saturday, December 03, 2005

Chocolate Cake

Chocolate Cake

It's a wonder how something so simple and basic can turn out into such decadence.
This chocolate cake is just a creamed butter and sugar type of cake, with eggs beaten in one at a time,
chocolate stirred in until just incorporated, and flour gently folded in.

With such basic ingredients that can be found in any well stocked pantry, you simply can't skimp on quality.

It's only 5 ingredients, and that's where you're gonna need to draw the goodness from.

Valrhona is my choice of chocolate, and for this number, Valrhona Guanaja (70%) was used.

I particularly like President's Unsalted Butter. It's a high quality butter made from pasteurized cows milk and a product from France. It has a slight hint of sweetness, which won my affection some time back.

Vanilla Sugar
It's always a good thing to have a stash of vanilla sugar in your room (or kitchen).
It came in handy this morning.
It's basically vanilla beans kept in an airtight jar with castor sugar, and it makes a great decor piece.

With all that is said. I want to leave you with one thought.
"It's sooooo seeeeem-ple! You use goood quah-lity ingredients, you get goood quah-lity dessert! Enjoy!"

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