Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Melbourne, Australia

I thought I'd actually have more time in Melboourne, but it turns out, I've been sleeping in Singapore time, and waking up in Australian time. That means I managed an average 6 hours of sleep each time. So much for wanting to post on the Ipoh trip while I'm in Melbourne.
It'll come, soon.

So I've been eating, alot, this past week, and I have to say, sandwiches are just about one of my favourites. It's essentially a meal on it's own. A whole meal, between two slices of bread. What you can have in between is only limited by your own imagination, and you can take it wherever you want. Neat, hey?
I had one with Alfalfa, lettuce, tomatoes, turkey and sour cream in Melbourne.What a lovely odd combination, eh?

Oysters Kilpatrick

Mussels cooked in White wine

Double Chocolate Tart

Pavlova with Burnt Orange & Passion fruit sauce

This was some of the food we had at the Waterfront - Seafood Grill, Sushi & Oyster Bar. It's a nice little place on the banks of the Yarra River, within the Crown Casino Entertainment Complex. It's a really popular place, and there's always a queue. One thing I suppose they could improve on, is to at least, not let the pre-cooked food be seen. Well, it wasn't exactly in full view of the general public, but I was looking into the kitchen, and there were stacks of fish fillets, whole fishes, etc. They could have shattered one's world, who once taught that everything was cooked to order. Well, not everything is pre-cooked, and not every restaurant pre-cooks their food. It depends on the owner/s or chef's. I am, pretty dissapointed that Waterfront pre-cooks their fish. I don't mind waiting 20 mins or so for a baked whole flounder.
Oh well.
Anyways, It's pretty pricey, as with all fancy schmancy restaurants who provide good service and are located on prime locations.

A funny story about the Pavlova. I was scooping out the meaty bits of the passion fruit, and I began trying to seperate flesh and seed, spitting them out. Lynn, my wonderful sister gave me a funny look, and said that you can eat the seeds.
It was my first time having passion fruit. Oh well.

Consider this part 1 of 2, or more if I'm lazy.

Christmas is round the corner, and there's so much to prepare.
There's the cookies, caroling practise and the gospel for caroling on saturday, Birthday Cup Cakes for a friend (Yes you! Clayton!) on friday, possibly some Christamas Bars on Christmas morning, and the to be, awesome dinner, Christmas Night.

Have yourself a merry little Chirstmas, and be glad, cause Christ the Saviour is born.
Hope, is at hand, because God, is with us.

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