Thursday, December 01, 2005


Essentially known as a delicate shortbread.
Affectionately known as, buttery greek goodness. Or so I call them.
In the Oct/Nov issue of Vogue Entertaining + Travel (Australia) (Yes, I read Vogue magazines. How awesome am I?), Tessa Kiros chooses to share her wonderful greek recipes that she has collected over time. I'm really glad she did.
J from Kuidaore, made some Chocolate Chip Butter Balls in her Comfort Baking post a couple of weeks back, and I couldn't stop thinking about how good they'd be in my mouth, where they belong.
So much so that I inwardly squirmed with glee, when I read that the Kourapiedes were described as "melt in your mouth".
And they did.
The powdered sugar didn't overwhelm, and the mixed spice (the culinary geek in me thought it would be more exotic with mixed spice.) provided a nice accent.

I meant to post this way earlier, but I got caught up with all the preperation for my trip to Ipoh.
Was the food any good there?
I can only say this, the food is "sooooo good!"

I'll post more on it later.

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